These lands are part of our family for generations; starting with my great-grandfather Peter, who founded the farm back in the distant 1895; from grandfather Aurelio who on the farm planted the first vineyard, with a small production of wine for home consumption, and taught me as a child the passion for this ancient craft, as well as the secret, almost ritual, of bottling red wines at the right level; to my father Giorgio who increased the vineyard area, applying, to the soil and plants, New borrowings from fruit farming.
Since 2000, together with my wife Tiziana, we have taken over the farm, abandoned the mixed-crop project and dedicated ourselves exclusively to viticulture and winemaking.


We have increased the vineyard area, developing our products with new winemaking techniques in a project that aims to create tradition with innovation. I think wine is first and foremost passion; to transmit this passion, as it has been transmitted to me, is a goal, the result of a long work, a success that has come to the winery with my children.
In fact, for some time now we have been joined in the winery by our eldest son Loris, while our youngest son Eros is studying viticulture.
Thanks to them and a team of excellent employees, we manage each year to maintain and increase those quality standards, selection, dedication and care, which give pride to me as a producer and confidence to our customers. Shoulders well covered, feet firmly on the ground, gaze forward … and in his hand a goblet of good wine.

Roberto belossi