Questioning, improving, continuing to research, the honesty of understanding mistakes and evaluating potential. Every action must be thought out and evaluated, as it is part of a working philosophy, a project that is born in the vineyard, grows in the cellar and becomes concrete in our wines.
Marrying innovation and tradition by making sense of the past to understand the present, while remaining consistent with the assumptions of care, attention, respect for nature and the environment, product quality, selection and dedication.


Our wine is the destination of a long journey through a model of sustainable viticulture and winery work.

For us, it means operating synergistically with a landscape made up of land and history, adapting to the natural growth course of plants by limiting interventions on them; maintaining a balance between biodiversity and soil fertility; respecting a process that starts from the first ray of sunlight and reaches the bottle.

This is also why we have chosen to manage production by valuing human resources and the land, using the sun as an energy source for winery processes and relying on the knowledge and value of the workers who have been part of our company’s experience for years. Our idea for a good wine from our land, we think comes first of all from taking care of the path we take on this land, walking a road created by nature.


Tilling the earth and reaping its fruits, knowing how to appreciate them, know their merits, enhance them and limit their defects, for a product that is only e recognizable; for us in the Cantina il Cavaliere Winery, wine is a product that grows, maturing in taste and aroma, with its own character and way of being.

This is how from our vineyards are born classic wines from Merlot grapes with a proud character like ARTĂ™, never improvised like LANSILĂ’ and expected like DELIZIA; wines assembled in the cellar, to be shared as the GALA or the fresh, white LOERO challenge; creative wines and transitional like the FIRST or renewed sparkling wines like the TWELVE; specialty structured and harmonious taste like AURELIO, or excellence like PRESTIGE, new and unique like OTTAVO; cru wines Like the bare, raw earth of the GAMBAROGNO.