Aurelio 1899 Riserva

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Near a chestnut grove on the Gambarogno hills, we can find the memory of the land of the Mondelle (chestnuts), and vineyards that have been grown for more that 50 years to give body and substance to our Réserve. A wine with great persistence, a delicate body and harmonious flavour.


Manual harvesting at the right stage of ripeness. Light pressing and destemming every 30 minutes in thermocontrolled horizontal fermenters. The mass is then heated to 26°C to extract the colour and start the alcoholic fermentation. Processing of the skins in various cycles to soften the tannins. Direct devatting in barrels of 1st and 2nd passage. Lees processing to improve the roundness and complexity of the wine and to complete the malolactic fermentation. 16-month maturation process in barrels after racking. Bottling after optimal blending of the different barrels to give it a good structure, elegance, finesse and roundness with light and soft wood overtones. Bottling without any stabilisation or filtration, with possible light deposit.

Malolactic fermentation:

in barrels


in barrels for no less than 16 months

Type of cask:

French oak barrel

Age of casks:

barrels of 1st and 2nd passage

Maturation time:

minimum 16 months in wooden casks

Ageing maturation in the bottle:

minimum 12 months

Type of bottle:


Ageing potential:

10 years

Cork material:

guaranteed DIAM cork without cork taste

Type of soil:

fresh, deep and sandy


Integrated production methods

Cultivation method:

single and double Guyot

Year of planting:

1967 and 1972

Yield per hectare:

60 quintals (40 hl)

Harvesting period:

around end of September

Harvesting method:



in a box for 6 bottles


Despite its present and structured tannins, it pairs very well with red meat, ragu and alpine cheeses, also matured.


Served in large crystal glasses at 18°C.


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