Delizia 2017

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To wait and please
Expectation is a period of time during which the mind and soul are focused on an object. This period of waiting carries various feelings: peace, frenzy, excitement, the awareness of time passing, the sweetness of minutes, and the bitterness of seconds.


Manual harvesting once the right stage of ripeness has been reached. Pressing-destemming every 30 minutes in a horizontal press. Gentle pneumatic pressing. Must flotation. Heating of the mass to 16°C to start the alcoholic fermentation. Racking in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks at the end of the alcoholic fermentation and lees processing. End of the malolactic fermentation. Maturation in stainless steel tanks for around 2 months. Before bottling, the wine is blended between the various tanks and filtered.

Malolactic fermentation:

in stainless steel casks


in stainless steel tanks

Minimum ageing period in bottle:

3 months

Type of bottle:


Ageing potential:

3 – 4 years

Cork material:

guaranteed DIAM cork without cork taste

Type of soil:

fresh, mineral and light

Soil processing:

Integrated production methods

Cultivation method:

single Guyot

Year of planting:


Yield per hectare:

90 quintals (63 hl)

Harvesting period:


Harvesting method:



in a box for 6 bottles


Excellent for aperitifs, pairs well with cheese fondues, lake fish, mixed seafood.


In large crystal glasses at 12°C.

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