Primo 2017

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To reign and lead
When the quality of a wine becomes part of its character: unique, generous and strong; when a wine earns the deep respect of the land, has noble origins, has heart and courage… then we have a royal wine like Artù.


Manual harvesting at the right stage of ripeness.Pressing-destemming in horizontal fermenters with automatic temperature control. Cold maceration prior to fermentation at 8°, alcoholic fermentation at 26 °C to have an optimal extraction of colour and tannins. Processing of the skins in various daily cycles to obtain soft and elegant tannins. American oak barrels of the 1st and 2nd passage are then filled at the appropriate time. The yeasts are processed for some time to improve the roundness and the complexity of the wine. In this period, the malolactic fermentation is also completed. After racking, the wine stays in the barrels for another 6 months. The blending is carried out in optimal ratio before bottling. Elegance, finesse, extreme roundness, light sugar residue – these are the characteristics of this wine, intended for an attentive and modern audience.


in stainless steel casks and wooden casks


American oak barrels

Age barrels:



American oak barrels

Toasting level:

Medium light

Maturity time:

6 months

Minimum ageing period in bottle:

3 months

Type of bottle:


Ageing potential:

5/8 years

Cork material:

Guaranteed DIAM cork without cork taste


Ferradou 100%

Type of soil:

Fresh, deep and sandy

Vine processing:

Integrated production methods

Cultivation method:

single Guyot

Year of planting:


Yield per hectare:

80 quintals (55 hl)

Harvesting period:

end of September

Harvesting method:



6 bottles


Easy to pair with because it is a soft wine; pairs well with game, red meat in general, ragu and alpine cheeses, also matured.


In large crystal glasses at 16°C

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